Who We Are

Serving Western Canada

Selling and servicing equipment is just the start of what we do. We’re passionate about supporting the community of farmers right here in southern Alberta and beyond, in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon – even the Northwestern United States. Whatever you need, from a little guidance to a new piece of equipment, we’re here, at the heart of this community, ready to help you.

Premium & Specialty Equipment

We started in the industry nearly two decades ago. Back then, specialty equipment was tough to find and many farmers either modified existing equipment or purchased machinery without the help of a local dealership. Driven by the desire to serve the potato and bean growers in southern Alberta, we’ve grown into a local dealership offering a wide range of equipment, from specialty ag machinery to premium brands from Europe and North American.

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When we started in this business, you could fix most equipment with some bailing wire, a bit of duct tape and some penetrating oil. Today, it’s a little different. Not only has farm equipment become more complex, but the technology is developing at an astonishing rate. Keep up with all the changes with our monthly newsletter, where you’ll get the latest news right to your inbox.


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Rooted in Canada’s farming culture

With nearly two decades serving western Canada’s specialty equipment needs, we’ve seen the Ag industry evolve as techniques and technology progress. Through it all, we’ve maintained our commitment to offering quality service and equipment that helps farmers feed our country and their families. Because the heart of every farm is rooted in community.