Potato planters from Dewulf are easy to use and maintain and have low operating costs and high planting capacity. They ensure the highest possible quality of the end product thanks to their unparalleled product-friendliness. This range of products is comprised of two types of potato planters: the cup planter and the belt planter.

LOCKWOOD’s high quality equipment is able to handle high volumes of potatoes and maximize your operation’s efficiency, whether planting, harvesting or handling potatoes. Built with a wide range of options and features to accommodate each farmer’s specific needs. 

Planting sets the tone for the rest of the growing season. Set the right tone with Double L’s line of potato planters. Available in 4-, 6-, and 8-row models, the Double L planter is a rock-solid, cost-effective machine.

From planting to storage, Harriston has you covered. Their equipment is designed with the farmer in mind. We can work with you to make the best piece of equipment to suit your unique operation.



AMAZONEN-WERKE are specialists in fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, active (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and passive (disc cultivators and harrows) soil tillage, precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers

Seeding Success: Optimise Your Potato Planting with Agri-Flow Equipment & Supply

As spring paints the Taber, Alberta, region green, and whispers of planting season reach Saskatchewan’s vast potato fields, Agri-Flow Equipment & Supply stands ready to equip you for potato planting success. We understand the importance of efficiency and precision in this crucial agricultural process. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality potato seeders, designed to revolutionize your planting experience.

Upgrade from Manual Labor to Automated Efficiency

Traditionally, planting potatoes involved back-breaking manual labor. Agri-Flow Equipment & Supply introduces you to a world of convenience and optimization with our potato seeders. These innovative machines automate the process, offering several key benefits:

  • Effortless Planting: Seeders eliminate the need for manual labor, significantly reducing planting time and physical strain.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Seeders ensure consistent seed spacing and depth, leading to even crop emergence and ultimately, maximized yields.
  • Reduced Seed Waste: Precise placement of potatoes minimizes seed waste, saving you money on valuable seed stock.
  • Faster Planting: Cover more ground in less time, optimizing your planting window and ensuring timely harvests.

The Perfect Seeder for Every Farm

At Agri-Flow Equipment & Supply, we understand that no two farms are the same. That’s why we offer a variety of potato seeders to cater to your specific needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the ideal seeder based on factors such as:

  • Farm Size and Potato Acreage: We carry seeders suitable for small hobby farms to large-scale commercial operations, ensuring you have the right equipment for your workload.
  • Desired Row Spacing: Different seeders offer various row spacing options to accommodate your planting preferences and crop variety requirements.
  • Seed Type: Whether you work with cut or whole seed potatoes, we have seeders designed for optimal handling of each type.
  • Budget: We have a diverse range of options to fit your financial constraints, ensuring you find a seeder that delivers both value and efficiency.

Beyond the Seeder: Your One-Stop Shop for Potato Planting

Agri-Flow Equipment & Supply goes beyond just providing exceptional potato seeders. We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need for a successful planting season:

  • Certified Potato Seed: We offer a variety of high-quality, certified potato seed varieties specifically chosen to thrive in the Alberta and Saskatchewan climate.
  • Fertilizers and Soil Amendments: Find essential nutrients to optimize potato growth and yield.
  • Planting Tools and Accessories: From furrow openers to hilling equipment, we have everything you need to prepare your fields and maintain your seeder for peak performance.

Experience the Agri-Flow Equipment & Supply Difference

As Taber and surrounding areas gear up for another productive potato season, let Agri-Flow Equipment & Supply be your partner in success. Our expert staff will guide you towards the perfect potato seeder and equip you with all the necessary tools and resources to achieve efficient planting and maximize your potato yields. Visit us today and experience the Agri-Flow difference – it’s the difference between back-breaking labor and a smooth, automated planting season.

Questions? We’ve got answers.