Double L manufactures several harvester models — each tailored to the needs of you and your farm. With the help of well-timed belted chains, padded transitions, star-roller cleaning tables, and more, potatoes are harvested faster, cleaner, and with less bruise with each new model release.

Dewulf leads the industry in the development and production of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, grading, sorting and transport of potatoes and vegetables.

LOCKWOOD’s high quality equipment is able to handle high volumes of potatoes and maximize your operation’s efficiency, whether planting, harvesting or handling potatoes. Built with a wide range of options and features to accommodate each farmer’s specific needs. 



Pickett Equipment has been focused on the dry edible bean harvest business for over 40 years. During that time, they have revolutionized the way beans are harvested by focusing on what matters most to the farmer: efficiency, durability, and higher yields.

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